About Us

About California Cabinetry

Creating detailed designs and supplying cabinetry directly to custom home builders and remodel contractors is our specialty. Our meticulous attention to detail and years of onsite construction experience helps us to meet the demands of your project. We understand how to avoid costly mistakes that are common to less experienced cabinet designers, enabling you to meet the needs of your precise project timeline.

Our unique approach to cabinet design and supply facilitates the following benefits for you:

  • Our effective designs eliminate job delays
  • Cabinets with the highest quality craftsmanship at the LOWEST PRICE
  • 24/7 availability –  We are ultra-responsive to design or installation questions
  • We NEVER charge extra for onsite measurements or for your cabinet design
  • “They actually CARE whether I get my product in a timely manner. And they’ve found ways to get my product to me in a remarkably short period of time where, in the past, I would have had to wait 6 weeks to 2 months with other designers.”

    Stan – Apple Tree Construction

  • “Not only did they spend the time that’s needed with our clients in the design phase and in the pricing phase, but they also have an expanded cabinet line that accommodates any style at any price point. This has been a great help in managing our clients’ budgets.”

    Gary – Construction Consultant

  • “I have the confidence that the drawings will be complete, no pieces will be forgotten, I can rely on them to know how things should go together, and that the measurements will be correct.”

    Becky – Signature Homes

  • “That’s why it really pays, and flows so smoothly, when working with California Cabinetry because all the necessary questions are thought out and asked beforehand, minimizing the challenges that could cause the job to go wrong.”

    Doug – Probuilt Construction

Our Process

Extensive Construction Background

Elegant, yet practical designs stem from hands-on knowledge of construction. And knowing the way each trade relates to the cabinetry installation lets us give you reliable designs, time and again. Having worked on residential construction sites for many years gives the designers at California Cabinetry a competitive edge because we know the full scope of the work and how it all needs to fit together. From new construction to remodels we have the insights to measure and plan in the right way to give you competent designs that work!

Outstanding Service

We understand that you have a specific workflow in your company and we tailor our service to YOUR way of doing things. There are 100 ways to skin a cat when it comes to getting your cabinet job done, and we will be sure to do it the way that flows best for you and your company. This includes amazing support – virtually 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When the delivery and installation of your cabinetry begins, we want to be sure you have everything you need to make your job flow smoothly. If you need ANYTHING we are here to be sure your installation is a success! PLUS we give you the quickest manufacturer response times. We only use cabinet lines that offer fast response and solutions, backing their products 100%. California Cabinetry's availability and support as your supplier is only as good as the responsiveness of our manufacturers. So we are sure to give you access to a variety of cabinet lines that are well known for having the best support for their products.

Incredibly Low Prices

We understand the margins in new construction. That’s why we offer you the best opportunity on pricing in a wide range of cabinetry lines. You can accommodate any client’s budget and taste! On-site measurements are INCLUDED with our service at no charge. Unlike the big BOX stores, you don’t have to pay when we come out to your jobsite. We want to be certain the design that we give you works for each and every house you build – even if it’s the same exact layout. So included as part of our service, we will visit each jobsite to inspect and measure, minimizing design mistakes and insuring the best possible results.

Knowledgeable In Our Craft

Just because someone is trained in using a professional design program it does not mean that they can whip up a good design. Programs will let any novice come up with designs that are physically IMPOSSIBLE to execute in the real world. The team at California Cabinetry uses their construction background, meticulous attention to detail, and on-site experience, coupled with their proficiency with the 20/20 design programs. This ensures your cabinet designs are practical and can actually be executed on the jobsite.