How to Maximize Storage Space When Designing Your Kitchen…

How to Maximize Storage Space When Designing Your Kitchen…

If you’re getting a new kitchen, whether from a new build or a remodel, your kitchen floor plan has a footprint that you’re working within, but  with today’s cabinet options you can now create more space and storage within that foot print than ever before.

The Built in Pantry Vs. Cabinetry Pantry

First of all, one question I often get is, “Should I do a built in pantry or create one from cabinets?”  Honestly, built in pantry’s tend to just waste a lot of usable space with the extra framing, drywall, and door.  You can actually create just as much, if not more, storage with cabinetry and even create a much more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

Open Shelves…A Storage Blessing or Curse?

The open shelves trend can either be a storage stealer or creator depending on where you place them.  If you’re doing open shelves instead of upper cabinets, which is a hot trend right now, then be prepared to make up for the lack of storage space with some of my other suggestions.  But, if you’re using open shelves as more of an accent, they can be a storage bonus, like over a coffee bar or on the wall next to your cabinetry peninsula where ordinary hanging cabinets would just get in the way.

Islands Can be the Great Space Creator

Islands are one of the best ways to maximize your kitchen storage options.  Today’s kitchen island options are prolific, and you can practically double your storage space with a kitchen island layout. With a creative design, an island can be functional plus take the look of your kitchen to the next level.  Imagine a rift white oak island accenting dark painted cabinets, or a navy painted statement island against light stained wood wall cabinets, the options are only as limited as your imagination.

A Wall of Cabinets – Hot Trend AND a Huge Boost for Storage

One of the hottest kitchen trends right now is creating a floor to ceiling wall of cabinet storage in your kitchen.  Depending on the style of the cabinetry, this look can be done ultra modern or fit right into a rustic farmhouse, but at the same time the look gives you tons and tons of storage options.

Cabinet Stacking

Another hot kitchen trend is stacking a smaller cabinet on top of a larger cabinet (think old farm house kitchen).  Also, taking a cabinet all the way to the counter, so it appears more like a built-in piece rather than an average cabinet, can create more functional space to hide appliances or coffee making supplies.  This look is usually done in specific areas of the kitchen where you can afford to sacrifice the counter space so be sure your kitchen layout can allow for this before you get your heart set.

How to Make ANY or ALL of these Design Options Work for You…

If you really want to bring together the best storage options for your kitchen you need to enlist the help of an accomplished kitchen designer.  It takes knowledge, skill, and experience to create the space you want that is both amazing to look at and functional to live and cook in…and includes all the storage you ever dreamed of.

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