Painted Cabinet Joint Cracks – Character or Flaw?

Painted Cabinet Joint Cracks – Character or Flaw?

Are the hairline joints visible on the corners of painted cabinets normal?  Is this a sign of a poor quality cabinet or the character of a painted wood door?

This is a question people with painted cabinets often ask, in fact, I found an article by This Old House addressing this very concern.  Bottom line is, whether it is a top-of-the-line cabinet or not, these hairline cracks are normal and unavoidable.  It’s the joint between two pieces of wood, and depending on the humidity and conditions in the home, the cracks can expand or contract.

This is part of the character of the painted cabinet and if it’s not something you can live with then I do offer a line of cabinets that do not have joints (as seen in the picture above).  But, for most people painted joint lines are an acceptable characteristic of a painted wood door and really is not a factor in the beauty of the cabinet.

If you’d like to check out the response by the experts at This Old House to this same question click the link here

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